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Saturday, August 26, 2006

kitty cat, where you at?

We got my daughter a cat for her birthday. It was a wonderful kitty and AE loved it. They played together for hours. It was adorable to watch the baby giggle at the kitty's silly antics. A few weeks ago the kitty's behavior started digressing. It began pooping right outside its litter box. It began biting to the extent of leaving puncture marks on all members of the family. It also got fleas which although we used flea treatments and baths and flea combing we could not get rid of. Finally we came to the decision to put the kitty outside to live. This was Tuesday. I felt terrible. It sat on the back steps and mewed for hours. I almost brought it back in several times, but I kept looking at the bites and scratches and puncture wounds on my beautiful baby that used to have perfect, flawless, and amazingly soft skin. The next morning the kitty didn't come for breakfast and I haven't seen her since. I feel like I have betrayed the poor kitty who thought I was her mommy. Now she has no one to scratch her and no one to cuddle with. She is roaming the great outdoors all by her lonesome and she never set a paw outside before Tuesday.
Meanwhile, inside the house, an exterminator came and sprayed the house inside and out for fleas. We made sure the baby was out of the house for the entire day so she wouldn't get any fumes. When we got home last night there were fleas worse than ever. This morning I've already taken 5 or 6 fleas off the baby and flushed them. I thought the bug guy was supposed to kill them, not make them worse. Maybe we'll burn the house down and move.


  • At 10:59 AM, Blogger Rose Connors said…

    Oh, I HATE this story. Poor baby, poor mommy, poor kitty. I hope there's a happy ending.


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